Who is AZBGC ?

Beginning through the sheer hard work and determination of one woman, the Agnes Zabali Boys & Girls Club of Kamengo was initiated in 2006 by Agnes Zabali and supported by her friends in Uganda and Canada.

Since its inception an Ottawa-based Committee has been working in partnership with The Canada Africa Community Health Alliance (CACHA) and the AZBGC Youth Committee in Kamengo, Uganda to ensure the growth and sustainability of the project.

Our History

The Ottawa Committee is responsible for fundraising to ensure that orphan and vulnerable children and youth can go to school and that all children and youth in Kamengo have a safe space to participate in recreational activities, and to access homework help, computers, children’s books, art supplies and local musical instruments. Funds raised go towards school fees and educational materials for 155 children and youth. The AZBGC Youth Committee includes youth who are elected by all the youth in our project.

The AZBGC programs are designed to provide a safe, supportive and inclusive space where every child, youth and adult is respected and valued. Our Canadian and local volunteers model hard work, honesty, fair play, positive attitude, cooperation and respect for self and others. We believe that all young people can grow into responsible, contributing and self-reliant members of a community. Children and youth are the center of everything we do. Senior students are responsible for looking after the AZBGC – cleaning the building, the common area and tending the gardens. It is through working and playing together, particularly playing basketball, that the children and youth in the AZBGC program learn respect for themselves and others, fair play, the value of collaboration and an ethic of care. We support basic health, education, field trips & recreational activities to empower the youth to develop healthy lifestyles, a lifelong passion for learning, leadership skills and a sense of social responsibility.

Our Mission

To help children living in poverty remain in school and have the opportunity to reach their true and full potential. Through providing access to education, we prevent children from prematurely leaving school and, in the case of girls, reduce the chance of early pregnancy. The underlying goal of the AZBGC project is to support education, health and wellbeing of vulnerable children and youth of Kamengo so that they can be part of developing long-term solutions for their community.

To support orphans and vulnerable children and youth through enabling access to elementary, secondary, and where possible post-secondary education.
To raise awareness about HIV/AIDS, strengthen the capacity of orphans and vulnerable children to manage the challenges they face, and increase access to basic health care service.
AZBGC engages children and youth participate in sports and extra-curricular activities through which they gain ownership and pride in their center.
Youth participate in leadership workshops and take responsibility for activities with children and for ensuring sustainability of income generating businesses.

Diagram of Structure


Our Kids Stories

AZBGC kids in Kamengo have stories they would love to share with you

Ottawa Committee

Jimmy Sebulime

Founder of AZBGC

Dr Ruth Kane

Professor of Education, University of Ottawa.

Maj Keith Laughton


Dr Linda Newton

Adjunct Professor of Civil Engineering

Mr Les Gorman

Retired Teacher

Mr Joe Granata

Basketball Coach

Ms Susan Mayo

Teacher Ottawa Catholic School Board

Ms Kate Spellen

Registered Nurse

Ms. Mary Beth Nolan

Retired Teacher

Paul Stevenson

Business man

Ms. Rebecca Zunder

Teacher - Member of 2018 Education Project

Dr F. Sendi-Mukasa

Family Medicine Resident

Ms. Julia Pilon


Kamengo Committee

Following a Bachelors Degree in Education at Kyambogo University

Ms. Annet Numule

AZBGC Chairwoman

Following a Degree in Education at Nkozi University

Ms.Diana Nassamula

AZBGC Vice Chairwoman

Following a Degree in Human Resources Management at Ndejje University

Ms. Joyce Nansukusa

AZBGC Women and Children affairs

Ms. Resty Musaazi

AZBGC Committee Member

Bachelors Degree in Education, Director of Studies at St Bruno High School

Mr. Peter Mutebi

AZBGC Immediate past Chairman

Area Supervisor at Electoral commission Kamengo Sub County

Mr. Martin Mutebi

AZBGC ex Chairman

Following a Bachelors Degree in Industrial art at Ndejje University

Mr. Ronald Nkabirwa

AZBGC Public Relations officer

Following a Bachelors Degree in Industrial Art at Ndejje University

Mr. Devis Njawuzi

AZBGC Treasurer

Bachelors Degree in Social Sciences

Mr.Pius Jjemba

AZBGC Business Director

Bachelor’s degree in International Relations from Kyambogo University.

Mr. Chris Mutebi

AZBGC Project Coordinator

Mr. Moses Kivumbi

AZBGC Parent Representative

Mr. Derrick Ssansa

AZBGC Head Coach

Thank You!

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