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Village Experience, Kamengo, Uganda

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Experience our culture and learn about the history of the village that was once on the frontlines of an international conflict, but is now thriving again! This program is the brainchild of graduates from the Agnes Zabali Boys & Girls Club of Kamengo, Uganda, helping to bring sustainable income and infrastructure to their village.

Led by an experienced team of local guides and support staff, you will have an authentic experience in the village of Kamengo – from a trip to the Equator and local fishing villages, to traditional cooking. Discover the beauty of our region while empowering our youth!

Your Experience

 Local fishing and island visits

Local Fishing and Island Visits

Explore nearby fishing villages, islands, marine sanctuaries, and the Lake Victoria fish market.

 Make and enjoy authentic cuisine

Make and Enjoy Authentic Cuisine

Learn how to make some traditional dishes – nothing brings people together like good food!

Experience local culture

Local Culture

Your stay includes a village walk, campfires, sports, traditional music, dance, and drama. Additional costs associated on other activities.

A trip to the Equator

A trip to the Equator

Stand on both sides of the world at one of Uganda’s most well-known landmarks – the equator!

 Explore Mpanga Forest

Explore Mpanga Forest

Visit Mpanga Forest, a local nature reserve that has been protected since 1953 and features a variety of bird life.

Personalized learning opportunities

More Authentic Experiences

There are several volunteer opportunities available for you to work with the youth at AZBGC.

Tour Pricing

$30 USD

Average Cost Per Day

$200 USD

Average Cost Per Week

$25 USD

Per day For 7+ Days


Extended Stays


Beginning through the sheer hard work and determination of one woman, the Agnes Zabali Boys & Girls Club of Kamengo was initiated in 2006 by Agnes Zabali and supported by her friends in Uganda and Canada.

We work to improve health and well-being, enhance youth development, foster community growth, and create employment to reduce poverty and inequality, for all children and youth in our program.

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